Project 45+: Razdedauch


Thu 25.5. klo 19 Hällä-näyttämö
Thu 25.5. at 7 pm Hällä Stage
“The body is the zero point of the world, the place where paths and spaces cross.... It is the tiny utopian core at the centre of the world.“  - Michel Foucault

The production RAZDEDAUCH is done as a joint work of dance artists from 7 countries within the Creative Europe supported project "BET - Body, Experience, Time through 45+ dancers". The project involves dance artists and dance institutions from Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Sweden, England and Estonia, and the leading partners of project are Fine5 Dance Theater from Estonia, the association PARTY from Latvia and Stellaris DansTeater from Norway. Underscoring this project of mature dance artists from different backgrounds is the celebration of the notion that dance and dancing belongs to everyone – at every age.

What does the word RAZDEDAUCH mean? The name comes from a joke about a Gala performance many years ago. In this particular Gala was to introduce the next act of a ballet „Pas de deux“ – a short duet dance from one of the iconic classical ballets - but accidentally pronounced „Pas de deux“ as „Raz de dauch“. This joke delighted us as we resonated with the ‘creative interpretation’ that often happens in this multi-lingual project, and affirmed our interest in understanding more about dance, dancing and dancers within different cultures and societies.

Choreographers-dance artists Olga Zitluhina, Ramona Galkina, Vilnis Birins (Latvia), Goda Laurinavičiūtė (Lithuania), Solveig Leinan-Hermo, Nikolay Shchetnev (Norway), Virpi Juntti, Oleg Ostanin (Finland), Fiona Millward (United Kingdom), Tobias Alexander Gunn (Sweden), Tiina Olleks, Renee Nõmmik (Estonia)
Sound and music Gerhard Lock, Ardo Richter (Estonia)
Photos Julia Zitluhina (Latvia)
Supported by Creative Europe, also co-financed by Estonian Ministry of Culture, Tallinn City, Latvian Ministry of Culture, Tanssiteatteri MD (Tampere, Finland), Nordic Culture Point, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Hammerfest Commune.

Duration 90 minutes
Premiere April 1st 2022 Tallinn, Estonia.





Tanssivirtaa Tampereella –nykytanssifestivaali
Hällä-näyttämö, Hämeenkatu 25
33200 Tampere

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