Anastasia Krasnoshchoka

Flowers also cry

TUE 21.5. at 7pm Hällä STAGE

“Flowers also cry” is a dance performance that pays tribute to the untold stories of courageous women in the russian war against Ukraine. Five international dancers make up the cast. The hour-long piece leads the audience through a string of different scenes, all taking inspiration from true experiences lived by women in Ukraine. Ultimately, the performance showcases the essence of hope and resilience, demonstrating the unyielding spirit that rises above challenges.

“Flowers also cry” is not only a portrayal of the trials and tribulations; it’s an ode to strength and determination. The work aims to put a human face to the heart-wrenching stories of war and witness the beauty that emerges from the darkest moments.

The creation of the work has been financially supported by Danish Performing Artists association, William Demant Fonden, Augustinus Fonden, as well as endorsed by Association of Ukrainians in Denmark and Danish Helsinki Commission for Human Rights.

Direction, concept Anastasia Krasnoshchoka
Choreography Anastasia Krasnoshchoka in co-creation with the dancers.
Sound Karl Chueiri Heding
Performers Anastasiia Krsnoshchoka, Anette Toivianen, Natalie Cox, Maria Solei Järvet, Kim Strobel

Duration 6o minutes
Age recommendation + 10 years old
Pictures Eva T. Anker
Trailer Eva Anker and Kim Strobel


Ticket sales are donated to Ukraine

Anastasia Krasnoshchoka is an expressive dancer and a choreographer of “Flowers also cry” who received her education at the Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School. Her unwavering love for dance has been evident throughout her life, although her journey towards a dancing career was marked by challenges and twists. Originally from Ukraine, Anastasia began her dance journey from the world of folk dance. 

Alongside her dedication to dance, Anastasia also pursued an academic path and received a PhD in laser diode lighting. This unique combination of expertise in both dance and academics enriches her artistic expression and fuels her creativity. 
In her dance realm, Anastasia loves to craft captivating atmospheres and evoke powerful emotions. She embraces improvisation as a vital element in her work, allowing her to create spontaneous and authentic movements. Furthermore, she firmly believes in using the language of dance to address important social and political issues, utilizing her art to spark thought-provoking conversations

Kim Strobel is a contemporary dancer from Lugano, Switzerland. She honed her skills through high school and dance education at Ashkenazy Ballet Center in Ticino before moving to Denmark for a 3-year program at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School. After her studies Kim moved to the UK, where she joined the Jasmin Vardimon Company 2, exploring a more theatrical approach to dance. 
Her passion lies in interdisciplinary collaborations, where she uses movement as one of many tools to connect deeply with audiences, striving to create multifaceted storytelling experiences. 
Anette Toiviainen was born in Kerava, Finland where she started dancing at an early age. Later on, she got her education at Stockholm University of the Arts, Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna and Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School. Anette has worked with Skånes Dansteater (internship), Thomas Bentin and Tero Saarinen Company amongst others.Her solo ’adulthood.’ participated to 26. International solo-tanz-theater festival Stuttgart in 2022 (finalist) Another solo work ’Duetto’ got its premiere in April 2023 at the contemporary art museum Amos Rex (Helsinki) as part of the Generation 2023 exhibition. 
Maria Solei danced her way through childhood at The Estonian Dance Agency Dance School, followed by her attendance at the Collegium Educationis Revaliae, directing documentaries and fiction films. After graduating she joined the dance company ETA Kompanii. In 2020, Maria Solei started her studies in Copenhagen at CCDS. Beyond her studies she has continued teaching hip-hop and has worked with companies, collectives and institutions like Taikabox Company (Finland), Copenhagen International Arts Collective, Dansverkstæðið (Iceland). 
Throughout life, dance has been her passport to collaborate and enjoy creative expression. She finds inspiration in refreshing and surprising details. That’s why traveling and experiencing different cultures, stories and forms of nature is one of her priorities on this journey. She believes that supporting artists who portray and highlight important topics through art helps to preserve and promote the freedom of expression. 
Natalie Cox is a contemporary dance artist currently based in Copenhagen. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, she began her dance education at Degas Dance Studio, followed by her attendance at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. After high school, she attended the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University and eventually Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School. 
Artistically, Natalie is interested in utilizing her physicality, and is constantly trying to challenge her habits and tendencies. She likes to inhabit different forms, different characters. She loves to tell narratives, and to represent matters that are important to her. For her, dance is inherently political. She believes that when given the platform, it can be employed as a powerful tool to embody and give voice to critical issues.