Tampere Dance Current offers a unique Super Visitor service where you get to see a performance of your choice for free with personal dance guide. Guide also introduces the performance before it begins. Our guide experts are Tampere Conservatoire professional dance students.

“The idea of specially invited guests is great. The opportunity to talk with a dance professional made it possible to think about dance on my own, which otherwise would not have happened. It was easy and inspiring to talk with the guide.”

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This is how the evening goes


1. The dance guide welcomes the special guests in the lobby of the Hällä stage or in restaurant Teerenpeli half an hour before the start of the performance. The guide introduce guests to the themes and special features of the work to be seen. You can recognize the dance guide by the Tanssivirtaa shirt or / and staff pass.

2. After the introduction, guest and guide watches the performance on Hällä stage.

3. After the performance, we hope to hear your experiences either in connection with the Jälkilöyly audience discussion organized for the public or one-on-one with your own guide. The conversation usually lasts about 15–30 minutes.


The task of the special guests is to listen, experience the performance and exchange experiences after the performance together with the dance guide. We hope that our special guests will get a deeper and more fulfilling contemporary dance experience than usual with the heksen!

Picture Anastasia Krasnoshchoka: Flowers Also Cry © Eva T. Anker