Dance film screening


SAT 25.5. at 4-6pm Arthouse Cinema Niagara

The open call for dance films to Tampere Dance Current festival
received a record number of proposals from Finnish filmmakers. After the very challenging selection from 40 dance films, nine films presents this year’s dominant themes, such as technological and utopian themes and the importance of nature.

The common denominator for the film screening could be the ambiguous word HUMAN NATURE (ihmisluonto Finnish). Whether behind the concept is innate, universal or human nature, the films testify to the characteristic nature of humans to create culture and to understand and explain their environment.


  • Looking For Loïe / Tuulia Soininen 9’22, Fi, 2022
  • Surrounded by Green Wings (Ympärilläni, vihreät siivet) / KATOAVA kollektiivi 7’00, Fi, 2023
  • Three dance moves and more / Konstantina Tsagianni ja Miia Mäkilä 3’05, Uk, 2023
  • excavation / Ella Posti 6’09, Fi, 2023
  • FUR FUR / Kardo Shiwan 9’57, Fi, 2024
  • Kajo / Vilma Tihilä 6’30, Uk, 2023
  • Irti maasta / Teemu Kyytinen ja Hanne Vartiainen 6’00, Fi, 2024
  • Poetry from Topian Futures (Runoutta tulevaisuuden topioista) / Broas & Nyberg 19’35, Fi, 2023
  • Meteor / Virpi Pahkinen 3’36, Se, 2023

Curator Kati Kallio
Duration of the screening about 70 minutes
Audience discussionu about 20 minutes
Picture excavation, photo Antti J. Leinonen

Looking For Loïe / Tuulia Soininen
9’22, Fi, 2022.

Looking For Loïe is a feminist dance film in which a woman comes face to face with inequality in the work place. The film is inspired by dance and theatre technology pioneer Loïe Fuller. It is created by all woman and non-binary makers.

Direction / choreographer: Tuulia Soininen
Production: Muusa Tuotannot
Dancer: Emma Heinonen
Director of Photography: Aino Mättö
Gaffer: Eeva Laulumaa
Location sound recordist: Eveliina Suni
Editor: Tuulia Soininen
Camera assistant: Kerttu Mättö
Lighting assistant: Liina Mäkinen
Production assistant: Sonja Vartonen
Foley artist: Julia Huopainen
Makeup artist: Hanna Ilkko
Photographer: Veera Lintula

Text: in English

Surrounded by Green Wings / KATOAVA-kollektiivi
7’00, Fi, 2023

Surrounded by Green Wings (Ympärilläni, vihreät siivet) dance film captures the connection that young people have with urban nature. In the film, two dancers express their profound bonf with their city’s natural beauty. The film radiates warmth, vitality and sense of curiosity.

Direction: KATOAVA-kollektiivi
Choreographers: Iida Nikander, Nooa Kenttä
Production: KATOAVA-kollektiivi 
Direction of Photography, editor: Valde Paananen
Sound design: Miska Lamberg
Photos: Valde Paananen

Three dance moves and more / Konstantina Tsagianni & Miia Mäkilä
3’05, Uk, 2023

“Three dance moves and more” is a 3-minute dance video that offers a surreal twist on traditional dance tutorials. It blends imaginative choreography and improvisation with elements of distortion and warp, creating a dreamlike sequence.

Direction: Konstantina Tsagianni 
Choreographer: Miia Mäkilä
Photos: Konstantina Tsagianni

excavation / Ella Posti
6’09, Fi, 2023

Excavation – a short dance film featuring dancer Ella Posti and an excavator in a duet. This piece delves into the relationship between the human body and the machine, showcasing how both can simultaneously embody immense power and delicate sensitivity.

Direction, choreographer: Ella Posti
Production: Ella Posti & HV-Maarakennus
Direction of Photography: Antti Ahokoivu
Sound design: Juho Luukkainen
Driver of steam shovel: Mika Vilmi
Artistic support: MOŸ MOŸ kollektiivi, Ella Holappa
Photos: Antti J. Leinonen

FUR FUR / Kardo Shiwan
9’57, Fi, 2024

Through the short film FUR FUR, we investigate whether fur can have memory? This story explores a bilingual family’s memories, melancholy and intergenerational grief.

Direction, choreography: Kardo Shiwan
Production: Kardo Shiwan & Esitystaiteen Seura
Actors: Kardo Shiwan, Nukhsha Shiwan, Abas Shiwan, Kale Shiwan, Kozeen Shiwan, Wilhelmina Ojanen, Mirei Kato, Sonja Koistinen 
Editor: Julius Töyrylä, Wilhelmina Ojanen ja Kardo Shiwan
Composer: Juha Mäki-Patola, Tapani Rinne 
Set design: Reeta Tuoresmäki 
Costume design: Mirei Kato 
Assistant director: Teresa Siltanen 
Director of Photography: Julius Töyrylä 
Assistant of Director of Photography: Khánh Ngô 
Recorder: Shamsil Balkis 
Lights and electric: Sam Boateng
Sound design: Toni Teivaala 
Final mix: Ville Kuukka 
Color specification: Hannu Käki
Photos: Surabhi Nadig

Language: Finnish and Kurdish

Kajo / Vilma Tihilä
6’30, Uk, 2023

“I’m here for you. For a while, it’s just us.”

The Kajo dance film depicts a beautiful, fleeting moment of the meeting of two people. A soft and gentle touch stops you to hear and see the other in a dialogue where sensitivity is the greatest of all.

Director, choreography: Vilma Tihilä 
Co-director: Sonny Baez 
Director of photography: Lluc Mestre 
Editing: Vilma Tihilä
Dancers: Alina Sakko and Ella Holappa 
Viola: Valerie Lassfolk 
Composer: Joel Järventausta 
Sound design: Ville Kuukka 
Production designer: Melissa Restrepo
Assistant director: Sophia Zandis

Camera assistants: George Tsamis & Ferran Guillen 
Sound recording: Jeffrey Fung

Music recording: Tarmo Anttila

Color grade: Teemu Kyytinen

Gaffer: Carlie Tufnell

Production assistant: Andrew Makatsaria
Photos: Lluc Mestre

Language: Finnish
Subtitles: English


Irti maasta / Teemu Kyytinen ja Hanne Vartiainen
6’00, Fi, 2024

Irti maasta is a short film about liberation and breaking boundaries. Combining dance and aerial acrobatics, the film describes the joint journey of five women to become aerial acrobats. The work describes working together, joy and playing, through which the group has found a movement expression that expands the understanding of what an aging body and mind can and can do.

Directors: Teemu Kyytinen ja Hanne Vartiainen
Choreographer: Henna Vartiainen
Production: Sirkus Magenta 
Director of Photography, editor: Teemu Kyytinen
Composer: Jenni Kaarina
Sound recorder, mixer: Petteri Sariola/Mimix studios
Sound design: Maura Korhonen


Poetry from Topian Futures / Broas & Nyberg
19’35, Fi, 2023

A lonely figure walks in a field dragging behind him a television screen with flashing images from another reality. Somewhere in the distance, the fog spreads and omens of doom fly in the sky.

Poetry from the Topian Futures (Runoutta tulevaisuuden topioista) is a three-part film about inevitability, the passage of time, and man’s relationship with nature.

Directors, choreographers: Broas & Nyberg
Performers: Jenna Broas, Fabian Nyberg
Composer: Martin Granö
Photos: screenshots


Meteor / Virpi Pahkinen
3’36, Se, 2023

When will be hit by a meteor? A dance reflection on our short lives and forces larger than ourselves.

Director, choreographer: Virpi Pahkinen
Production: Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company
Performer: Virpi Pahkinen 
Director of Photography: Orphan King
Editor, visual effects: Anton Alfredsson
Music: Roger Ludvigsen
Photos: Tyler Herin