Double bill
Högsten, Nikkilä, Rustamova

 Rock/Star vol.1 &
check your body at the door

THU 23.5. at 7pm Hällä STAGE

Högsten, Nikkilä, Rustamova: Rock/Star vol.1

ROCK/STAR Vol.I is a collaboration between dancer performer Johan Högsten, sound artist Henia Nikkilä and creative technologist Erika Rustamova. It’s a mixed reality audiovisual dance performance that focuses on exploring and interacting with a virtual cave environment through dance and choreography. Components constituting the performance are dance, real time live visuals, using motion capture technology and soundscape. The project was done as a part of Erika’s studies in Media Lab (artistic part of her Master Thesis)

Choreography, dance Johan Högsten 
Consept, creative technology Erika Rustamova 
Sound design Henia Nikkilä 

Duration about 30 minutes
Pictures Kristian Presnel, Erika Rustamova 
Trailer Erika Rustamova

Antikainen – Arenas: check your body at the door

“check your body at the door” is a solo performance that explores the intersection of Art History, Transgender Studies, and Contemporary Performance Art. Collaboratively created by artist Iria Arenas and choreographer Aura Antikainen, this innovative project delves into how art history has shaped contemporary perceptions of gender identity and body image in Western cultures.

Inspired by Édouard Manet’s groundbreaking painting “Olympia,” which challenged 19th-century norms by depicting the naked human body authentically, the performance sheds light on the enduring influence of art history. House Dance, a style originating from 1980s underground clubs in Chicago and New York, serves as the medium for this exploration.

check your body at the door” uses humor and tenderness to challenge body stereotypes, encouraging a celebration of individuality free from societal norms. This performance invites audiences to engage with thought-provoking themes, fostering acceptance and dialogue in a visually captivating and emotionally resonant manner. It is a testament to the transformative power of dance and its ability to inspire change in contemporary society. 

, performance, light design
Iria Arenas

Choreography, co-creation Aura Antikainen

Duration about 30 minutes
Age recommendation
+12 years old
ues Karl-Heinz Mierke

Audience note: the performance contains nudity,
music and strobe lights.

Arenas & Antikainen is a dynamic collective based in Germany, founded by Spanish freelance artist Iria Arenas and Finnish choreographer and performance artist Aura Antikainen. Their creative journey began in 2019 when they collaborated on Antikainen’s graduate work, “Quite Like You.” Since then, their partnership has flourished, giving rise to compelling works such as “Visitors” (2021), “Body of Land” (2021), and “How long do I have to wait?” (2020), all generously supported by esteemed German public funding institutions. Arenas and Antikainen are versatile artists who fluidly navigate their roles within the collective. They perform together while also collaborating as choreographer and lighting designer, not only for their own productions but also for other artistic endeavors. Their most recent project, “check your body at the door” (2023), is both a research exploration and a captivating performance. This piece scrutinizes the enduring influence of dominant narratives in art history on contemporary conceptions of gender identity and body image in Western societies. Arenas & Antikainen have recently relocated to Helsinki, both looking forward to the opportunity to share their work and immerse themselves in the vibrant Finnish dance scene. Their fresh perspectives and innovative approach promise to enrich the local artistic landscape while fostering new connections and creative dialogues.